Trauma Informed Approach to Care

This programme will support staff to enable a better outcome for autistic people or people with a learning disability who have experienced trauma, loss or abuse.

Domestic Abuse: Recognising & Responding

This programme will provide an update about the extent, severity and relevance of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse to your practice in Health and Social Care.

Motivational Interviewing: An Introduction

This programme will introduce the concept of Motivational Interviewing, integrating the principles & techniques which will enable health behaviour change.

Sepsis Programme

This programme will enhance the knowledge and skills of participants in recognising and effectively managing the care of a person with Sepsis.

Launch of AHP Supervision Education Framework

CEC launches AHP Supervision Education Framework.

Antenatal Growth Charts (GROW)

This programme aims to increase the midwives’ knowledge and skills in the use of customised antenatal growth charts.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: An Introduction

This programme will provide an introduction to the key principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to enhance person-centred care.