COVID-19: Enhanced Respiratory Care

This programme will provide the knowledge and skills required to meet the enhanced respiratory care needs of patients with COVID-19 and long COVID-19.

Palliative Care Awareness for Registered Nurses

This programme uses a case study approach to consider the care of a person with palliative and end of life care needs.

Programme to support COVID-19 Vaccinators

CEC are providing a  programme to support COVID-19 Vaccinators.

Information to support COVID-19 Vaccinators

External guidance to support vaccinators.

Launch of AHP Supervision Education Framework

CEC launches AHP Supervision Education Framework.

STORM Programmes

These programmes will enable participants to develop skills in the assessment and management of a person at risk of suicide and self-harm.

Mental Health Awareness

This programme aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the signs, symptoms and prevalence of key mental health conditions.

Long Covid Webinar Series

The webinar series on Long Covid is now complete, however recordings are available to view on our Resources Page