Long Covid Webinar Series

The HSC CEC in collaboration with AHP colleagues at PHA and HSC Trusts are hosting a series of  short lunch-time webinars to assist health and social care practitioners to support patients with continuing Covid-19 symptoms

CEC Recruitment

We are currently recruiting for a Band 7 Digital Learning Consultant.

Antenatal Growth Charts (GROW)

This programme incorporates the Perinatal Institutes training and recommendations which underline the impact that fetal growth restriction has on stillbirth rates.

Regional Trauma Network - Webinar Recordings

Please click here to view this series which were recorded during the live webinar presentation.

Motivational Interviewing: An Introduction

This programme will introduce the concept of Motivational Interviewing, integrating the principles and techniques which will enable health behaviour change.

Programme to support COVID-19 Vaccinators

CEC are providing a  programme to support COVID-19 Vaccinators.

Information to support COVID-19 Vaccinators

External guidance to support vaccinators.

International Day of the Midwife

CEC celebrates International Day of the Midwife on 5 May 2021