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Quality Statement

The HSC Clinical Education Centre is committed to delivering high quality in-service education to Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professional staff to facilitate their delivery of safe effective person centred care and to continuously improving our services. By striving to achieve excellence across all of the HSC Clinical Education Centre’s activities we will be able to achieve long term success, capitalise on and profile the unique contribution of in-service education to the development of health professions.

The provision of in-service education programmes and learning activities are based on the following fundamentals:

  • Responsive to and reflective of clients’ needs. Our organisational management arrangements ensure that clients have ease of access to staff, that education programmes are designed around the requirements of clients, developed to meet the learning and development needs of the nursing, midwifery and AHP workforces and proactively planned as far as possible to maximise the best use of resources.
  • Educationally sound. All our programmes are designed, developed and delivered to address specific purposes and learning outcomes incorporating the appropriate educational and professional standards, requirements and/or advice.
  • Informed by best available evidence. Every effort is made to ensure that the programmes we deliver reflect best available evidence. We have an excellent library facility serviced by a dedicated librarian. These valuable resources help to support staff to research and critique relevant literature, drawing on and utilising relevant information appropriately to develop and update programmes. Many of our programme attendees also avail of our library facilities.
  • Delivered by highly skilled All our educationalists have undertaken additional professional development and are expert in their scope of practice.
  • Programme evaluations All programmes are subjected to evaluation by participants. The Centre has embedded its Quality Assurance Framework which underpins our approach to educational governance and supports our pursuit of continuous improvement.

The HSC Clinical Education Centre is a business unit of the Business Services Organisation (BSO).  Each year the Centre develops an annual business plan which is aligned with the BSO’s corporate priorities.

February 2021