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  • Do I need a CEC Account?

    Please feel free to browse our website so see what is available, however you must register before you can book on a programme.  You must have a valid email address to register and this can be completed on the homepage.  You will not be able to book a programme unless your have registered and have a CEC Account.  Remember to keep your account up-to-date if any of your details change e.g. staff number, employer etc.

  • I don't have a work email address

    Although a work email is preferable, it is not necessary.  You can use your own personal email account to register with us.  If you do not yet have an email address, email accounts can be created easily with various providers, such as Hotmail, Google Mail or Yahoo Mail.

  • What happens after I apply for a programme?

    You will receive an email thanking you for your application and  a copy  will also be sent to your line manager (where applicable).  If you don’t receive this email, please contact the programme administrator.  Please note that this is not confirmation of your place – we will contact you at a later date regarding your place on the programme.

  • How will I know if I have a place on a programme?

    After the closing date, the administrator will send an email to all applicants informing them if they have a place.  You can also login to your account to check the status of your application.  If the status is “Confirmed” then you are expected to attend on the date outlined.

  • Why has my application been declined?

    It could be that the programme was oversubscribed or that you are not eligible to attend.  Please contact the administrator should you have any queries around a declined application.

  • How can I access my CEC Account?

    When you login  you will have access to your CEC account where you can update your personal details, if necessary.  You can view your portfolio and also the status of any applications.  It is important to keep your email address and employer details up to date so that CEC can contact you or your employer (if necessary).

  • Can I have more than one account?

    Yes. Each account must have a different email address and staff number. Please ensure that you use the correct account to apply for the programme, depending on who is funding/approving your application.

  • What happens if I move from one organisation to another?

    Rather than create a new account, please update your existing account with your new employer details.

  • I can't find the programme that I am looking for?

    You can search on the programme page. If you are unsure of the full title of the programme you wish to apply for, you can search by one key word only.

  • Can I make multiple bookings for my team members?

    The system is designed for users to manage their own bookings and therefore you are only able to make bookings for yourself.  Do not use your account to apply for programmes on behalf of others.  This will result in inaccurate data being collected and shared.

  • How do I cancel my programme?

    Please contact the administrator  or email to cancel your place.  Remember that 4 working days notice should be given or you/your organisation will be charged.

  • I don't work in any of the NI Health & Social Care Trusts - can I still access CEC programmes?

    Yes, you can self-fund on a programme, subject to availability and you will be advised of the cost by email.  You still need to register to make a booking.

  • How do I access eLearning?

    HSC Trust and ALB staff can access eLearning directly on LearnHSCNI

    Other organisations can apply via the CEC website.

  • Do I need to pay?

    If you are self-funding or if you are not eligible for a place under your NI HSC Trust’s Service Level Agreement, then you will be advised that you need to pay to attend the programme.  Rates vary according to the type and duration.

  • How do I pay?

    We no longer accept payment on-site. Your confirmation email will include details of how to pay with credit/debit card via the telephone.

  • What catering facilities are available on CEC sites?

    Altnagelvin Area Hospital Site
    Canteen in main hospital
    Coffee bar in front hall of hospital
    No catering facilities exist in CEC

    Clady Villa, Knockbracken Healthcare Park
    Tea & coffee facilities available. Vending machine on the ground floor (only confectionery and cold drinks machine)

    Craigavon Area Hospital Site
    Canteen on the ground floor with vending machine.

    Fern House, Antrim Area Hospital Site
    Coffee lounge closes at 1.30pm. Vending machine available after 1.30pm