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World Sepsis Day – 13th September

World Sepsis Day seeks to raise awareness about sepsis, a life-threatening condition arising from infection. This event aims to educate on the early recognition of symptoms, facilitate timely treatment, and promote collaborative research to reduce sepsis incidence and mortality. Recognising and treating sepsis in its early stages is crucial, as the condition can rapidly progress and lead to organ failure, amputation or death.

Sepsis has a significant impact in the UK, with around 245,000 people, ranging across the life span, are affected annually, and nearly 52,000 deaths each year. The UK Sepsis Trust offer guidelines and clinical screenWorld sepsis day logo on pink backgrounding tools to improve healthcare professional’s recognition and management of Sepsis. Through this increased awareness and recognition of Sepsis we harness the potential to save thousands of lives by ensuring that sepsis is recognised early and dealt with effectively.

You can book on to the CEC Sepsis programme for further learning on Sepsis.  Book via the Programmes page