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World Aids Day 2023

World AIDS Day on December 1st , seeks to shed a light on the significant progress being made in the ongoing campaign to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

This year’s theme is, “Let Communities Lead.” Organisations of communities living with, at risk of, or affected by HIV, are at the frontline of the HIV campaign. Great strides are being made with successful treatment and ongoing research.

Red ribbon to acknowledge World Aids Day

You can play a play through education, awareness and compassion, in supporting people to avail of HIV testing, early treatment and on-going support to ensure HIV/AIDS is no longer a threat, and everyone can live a healthy life, free from discrimination and stigma.

The Clinical Education Centre supports World AIDS Day by providing education courses to enhance the knowledge and confidence of staff working across the HSC sectors. World AIDS Day 2023, will be visible in the wearing of red ribbons and the lighting up of prominent buildings in RED on December 1st cross NI.

Wear your ribbon with pride on December 1st and shown you care this Worlds AIDs Day.