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Maternity Care for an Ethnically Diverse Population

This joint event between the RCM and CEC aims to raise awareness and knowledge of the diversity of the population now residing in Northern Ireland.  Recent years in Northern Ireland have seen an increase to people from many countries coming to live in country. Whilst this has brought many brilliant life experiences, it has also brought many challenges for healthcare in Northern Ireland, and maternity in particular.  The webinar will provide an overview of the services that ethnic minority groups access and what areas these women come from. We will get an insight into the roles and services provided by Midwives and the challenges and joys they face on a day to day basis. There will be opportunities to ask questions and share good practice and areas of expertise with all involved in the webinar.   This webinar is taking place on Tuesday 22 June and is available is book now.


Dr Dale Spence (DoH)
Dr Alison Little (PHA)
Midwives from various Trusts in NI providing services for women from diverse ethnic groups.

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