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Diabetes Awareness Week 8-14 June 2020

10th June 2020

Multi-Ethnic Group Of Diverse People Holding Letters That Form Diabetes

Did you know that the number of people with diabetes in Northern Ireland has increased by 62.5% in the last decade (Diabetes UK 2018)?  We now have 99,833 people living with diabetes.

The regional Diabetes Strategic Framework (November 2016) aims to improve outcomes for people living with diabetes. One of its seven themes is:

·       Prevention, Early Detection and Delaying Complications;

As this is Diabetes Awareness Week why not take 3 minutes to assess your risk or that of a loved one of Type 2 diabetes, “it could be the most important thing you do today” (Diabetes UK). Just click this link: Diabetes UK – Know Your Risk of Type 2 diabetes

Currently, “Type 1 diabetes is not preventable, but three in five cases of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed” (Jillian Patchett 2018). This is very significant, as almost 90% of those living with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes. Taking the time to do this 3 minute risk assessment gives you a great opportunity to influence the quality & longevity of your life or someone you care about.

Good luck with promoting your health and becoming diabetes aware.