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World Delirium Awareness Day

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Wednesday 16th March is World Delirium Awareness Day.  The aim is to raise awareness and highlight this often under-recognized but potentially preventable condition. Delirium is a serious medical condition where people’s cognition and attention fluctuate. This can often develop over a very short period of time leaving individuals confused and anxious.

Anyone can develop delirium, but older people, those with an existing cognitive impairment, those with a Fracture femur and/or an acute illness are at a greater risk. One in five hospitalised patients experience delirium on any given shift.  However, if we recognise risk, we can help to prevent delirium or identify it early to help improve the health outcomes of our patients.

Further Information:

Information for Patients and Relatives

Delirium Awareness – YouTube

The CEC offers courses on Delirium Awareness which look at the risk factors of Delirium, the effect Delirium has on the individual and carers and will also discuss strategies to prevent and treat Delirium. Book via the Programmes page