Programmes to support COVID-19 Sessional Vaccinators

CEC are providing an education programme to support healthcare professionals to become a COVID-19 vaccinator.

A new 5 hour programme has been developed to assist professionals to become vaccinators.  The new programme is called COVID-19 Vaccinators Core Skills and covers:

  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Intramuscular Injections and Medicines Management Principles
  • Anaphylaxis Management and the use of Patient Group Direction (PGDs)
  • Vaccination Protocols

Anaphylaxis & PGD Update and Basic Life Support (Adult theory only) available via for HSC staff or via CEC website for all other staff.
Anaphylaxis & PGD – you have the option to complete either e-learning or the study day.  It is not necessary to complete both.

COVID-19 Vaccination e-learning programme is available here –

Book online for CEC programme by clicking here and selecting Regional COVID-19 Vaccinator Programmes

Important Information

  • The education provided by CEC is only part of the training required to undertake the role of a COVID-19 Vaccinator.
  • Vaccinators must ensure that their statutory and mandatory training is up to date.
  • Vaccinators are directed to the Public Health Agency for further information regarding additional vaccinator training requirements.
  • A period of supervised practice to allow observation and development of skills in vaccine administration and application of knowledge to practice is essential.
  • Participants are directed to access the Public Health England COVID-19 vaccinator competency assessment tool for guidance on supervised practice available here –  Assessment Tool
  • It is vital that anyone administering vaccinations are given the time and opportunity to undertake the comprehensive training they need and that they are supervised and supported in practice as required.


If you have any queries or need any help accessing programmes or creating an account please contact:

Hazel Conn 028 9536 1228