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Participant Conduct Agreement for Zoom Programmes

Joining a Zoom programme

  • All programmes should be accessed using your individual log-in details which will have been emailed to you prior to the session. You are not permitted to share Zoom programme details / log-ins with anyone who has not registered for the programme.
  • Certificates of Attendance will only be issued to participants who have accessed the Zoom session in its entirety. Attendance will be matched against CEC website applications and if you have not registered via the CEC website your entry will be denied. Each participant must log in individually to Zoom and remain logged in for the entire session.
  • Please ensure you enter your full name and correct email address for identification purposes. These details should match those used to register on a CEC programme. If you do not enter your name, CEC may not be able to issue you with a certificate of attendance.
  • Please ensure that your name on your Zoom tile matches that which you registered for the programme with.

During the Programme

  • Participants should recognise that in attending this programme, they are participating in a HSC Learning Experience. As such, participants are expected to engage fully and actively participate with the programme.
  • During the live programme, it is strongly recommended that participants find an area where distractions are limited and you are able to contribute to the session in keeping with your relevant Code of Conduct. For example, NMC Code of Professional Conduct and Behaviour and HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.
  • If a programme facilitator deems that a participant is distracted or not fully participating in the programme they reserve the right to ask the participant to leave the session/ remove that participant and withdraw the certificate of attendance.
  • By entering the Zoom session you are agreeing to the ground rules contained within this document. Further information will be provided at the start of the session by the programme facilitator.
  • All participants should have working digital technology, enabled with the ability to use their microphone and camera. The programme facilitators will provide instruction as to when they are to be used. Failure to follow this instruction may prompt the programme facilitator to engage with you via the chat function, or live on screen during the session. If for any reason, you are encountering difficulty with your technology, you should advise the programme facilitator using the chat function. Alternatively, you can make contact with the Programme Administrator on 02895 361200.
  • You should not share your screen during the session unless directed by the facilitators for the purposes of group work activities. Any screen sharing activity during a Zoom Programme must be in line with Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendments etc) (EU Exit)) Regulations 2019 (i.e. UK GDPR).
  • CEC do not usually record training sessions / webinars. However if a training session/ webinar is going to recorded this will be outlined to you in advance.
  • Participants are not permitted to record any part of the Zoom programme session. Screenshots or pictures are not permitted.
  • If at any point you lose connection with the Zoom programme session you should try to reconnect by clicking on the Zoom programme link provided by CEC.
  • It may be necessary for the facilitator to act on an issue or concern raised or observed during a CEC programme (in line with CEC policies). This may include advising your employer (if deemed appropriate and in line with Professional Codes of Conduct).

Chat Room

Zoom chat will be available for each programme to facilitate discussion. Please ensure that you adhere to the Zoom chat conduct outlined below:

  • The Zoom chat function should be used for the purpose of asking and answering questions and participating in group discussions as directed by the programme facilitator.
  • Discussion/chat should remain professional and respectful and have relevance to the programme content at all times.
  • Confidentiality must be maintained when discussing work related experiences/activities relevant to the programme discussions and in line with professional codes of conduct and guidelines.
  • Participants remain fully responsible for content, phrases and entries added to the chat during the programme
  • A participant may be asked to leave or will be removed from the session if they are in breach of any of the points outlined in the Zoom chat conduct.


We hope that you enjoy your education session and if you have any further questions please contact us.

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Telephone: 028 9536 1200


Updated December 2021