Meet the Staff


Ms Paula Morton

Staff Photo - Paula Morton
Job Title
Nurse Education Consultant
Contact Details
Tel:028 9536 1200
Clady Villa

Professional Qualifications and Interests

PGCE Nurse Education

BSC HONS Community Nursing

Specialist Practitioner  District Nursing

Level One RGN

Nurse Prescribing

PG Module Sympton Management Palliative Care



Paula is a tutor/facilitator on the following upcoming courses

Vital Signs - Undertaking and Recording

Lone Working - Understanding and Reducing The Risks of Solitary Working

Catheterisation, Male and Suprapubic

Basic Life Support: Adult Initial Assessment, Resuscitation and Advisory Defibrillation

Venepuncture (Adult)

Catheterisation - Male

Ear Irrigation

Deteriorating Patient: Assessment, Intervention & Management for Community Staff

Syringe Pump T34 Introduction

Intravenous Cannulation (Adult)

International Nurse NMC OSCE Preparation Programme (9 days)