Meet the Staff


Head of Clinical Education Centre

Name Contact Site
Caroline Lee Clady Villa

Assistant Heads of Clinical Education Centre

Name Contact Site
Maurice Devine Fern House
Pauline McMullan Clady Villa

Senior Management Team

Name Contact Site
Anne-Marie Phillips Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Averil Bassett Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Deirdre Cunningham Clady Villa
Eilish Boyle Clady Villa
Fiona Bradley Clady Villa
Majella Doran Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Siobhan Murphy Fern House

Teaching Staff/Consultants/Facilitators

Name Contact Site
Anne Timoney Clady Villa
Betty Dolan Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Brian Mc Enteggart Clady Villa
Carol McCorry Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Caroline Toal Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Christine Crossey Clady Villa
Damian McAleer Fern House
Denise Arnott-Rooney Clady Villa
Doreen Craig Fern House
Evelyn Walton Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Fiona McCrossan Fern House
Graham Divine Clady Villa
Heather Middleton Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Janet McCusker Clady Villa
Jean Byrne Clady Villa
Judith McIlwee Not Applicable
Julie Cairns Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Lyn Brennan Fern House
Maire OHalloran Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Margo Duffy Clady Villa
Maria Gribben Clady Villa
Martina Meenan Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Mary McMenamin Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Mary Jo Chesnel Clady Villa
Melanie Elliott Not Applicable
Moira McCusker Fern House
Moira Mallon Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Nuala McCarron Fern House
Patrick Gallagher Clady Villa
Paula Walls Fern House
Paula Morton Clady Villa
Pauline McGill Clady Villa
Philippa McGavigan Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Rea Doherty Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Sandra Carruthers Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Sharon Maginn Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Stephen Hamilton Clady Villa
Sue Patchett Fern House
Tom Mulligan Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Victoria Courtenay Not Applicable

Business Support

Name Contact Site
Claire Smith Clady Villa

Support Staff

Name Contact Site
Andrew Gorman Clady Villa
Briege Bradley Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Debbie Verlaque Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Glynnis Johnston Fern House
Hazel Conn Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Heather Brennan Clady Villa
Janet Hodgen Clady Villa
Julie Pollock Clady Villa
Kylie Steinberg Fern House
Laura Byrne Clady Villa
Linda Hawthorne Craigavon Area Hospital Site
Peter Kennedy Fern House
Rosemary Cassidy Clady Villa
Stella McFadden Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Stephanie Pope Clady Villa
Tara Catherwood Clady Villa
Valerie Lyttle Fern House
Viktoriya Kovtun Craigavon Area Hospital Site