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Acquired Brain Injury (Adolescent) - An Introduction

Acquired Brain Injury: Working with Children (Level 2 Training in Acquired Brain Injury)

Administration of Medicines

Advance Care Planning - Level 2

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Awareness

AIRVO: Care and Management of the Adult Receiving Airvo Therapy

Alcohol Misuse in Pregnancy

Alcohol Misuse in the Acute Hospital Setting - An Introduction

Anaesthetic Nursing (6 Days)


Antenatal Growth Charts (GROW)

Antenatal Screening: Contemporary Issues

Antipsychotic Medication - Monitoring Side Effects

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Analysis In Adults

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Sampling in Adults

Arterial Blood Sampling and Blood Gas Analysis (Paediatric) Belfast Trust

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD): An Introduction

Basic Life Support


Birth: Promoting normality in birth & use of water

Blood Administration

Blood Culture Collection Training

Blood Investigations And Interpretation

Blood Results: Interpretation within a palliative care setting (Northern Ireland Hospice Only)

Breastfeeding: Successful Breastfeeding & Relationship Building

Breastfeeding: Successful Breastfeeding & Relationship Building: Update

Cancer Care

Cardiotocography (CTG) Workshop

Care of the Child: the Fundamentals

Casting Course


CBT One Day Awareness

Central Venous Access Devices

Challenging Behaviour - Relationships in Learning Disability Services

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Awareness

Childhood Immunisation - Best Practice (SHSCT)

Childrens HCA 2 Day Annual Update for Childrens Ward Nursing Auxillaries (for WHSCT Staff only)

Childrens HCA 4 Day Annual Update (For Childrens Ward Based Nursery Nurses + Home Carers (For WHSCT Staff only)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - An Introduction to the Key Principles

Cognitive Behavioural Interventions

Communication Skills:Intermediate level


Counselling Skills in Practice (3 days)

Delirium Awareness Session

Delirium Awareness Session for NIAS


Deprivation of Liberty: Implications for Practice (Full Day Programme)

Deprivation of Liberty: Implications for Practice (Half Day Awareness Session)

Deteriorating Patient: Assessment, Intervention and Management

Developmental Dysplasia of Hips (DDH) Update


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Awareness

Digital Rectal Interventions

Domestic Violence

Dual Diagnosis

Dysphagia - Swallow and Dysphagia Awareness for Nursing Staff (Adult)

Ear Irrigation

Eating Disorders


Effective Teaching in Practice

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) (2 days)

Electroconvulsive Therapy Update

Emergency Care of Child in Emergency Department ( For WHSCT ED Staff only) 3 day programme

Emergency Care of the Child (Mental Health)

ENT Course - Enhancing person-centred care

Enteral Feeding


Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention - A Multidisciplinary Approach

Family Health Assessment

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): An Overview

Final Journeys

Fluid Management

Francis Report

Gastrostomy Tubes - Replacement of

Graded Care Profile Training

Growth Charts (UK WHO) 0-4 Years

Growth Charts (UK WHO) 2-18 Years

Growth Monitoring Update for Public Health Nursing

Haematological Conditions and Related Nursing Issues - Introduction to

Heart and Lungs Sounds

Heart and Lungs Sounds for NIAS

Holding Skills for Essential Care and Treatment (CH-3) (2 Days)

Induction Programmes

Infant Feeding Guidelines

Infant Feeding Guidelines

Infection Prevention and Control

International Nurse Preparation Programme

Intramuscular Injections - Update

Intravenous administration/Cannulation

KUF Personality Disorders

Leadership - An Introduction to Transformational Leadership and its Contribution to Person Centred Care

Leadership - Developing Capacity in Nursing

Learning Disability: Caring For People With A Learning Disability In Acute Care Settings

Legal and Professional Issues for Nurses and Midwives

Legal Issues for Nurses Extending their Roles (BHSCT)

Ligature Cutter Training (Immediate Action in Cases of Hanging/ Self-Strangulation)

Lone Working - Understanding and Reducing The Risks of Solitary Working

Maintaining Wellbeing in the Workplace

Mandatory Training

Manual Handling

MAPA Management of Actual & Potential Aggression

Medicines Update - Paediatrics (Forest Lodge)

Mental Capacity and Decision Making In Acute Care Setting

Mental Capacity And Decision Making In Learning Disability

Mental Health Core Care Pathway

Mental Health Core Skills

Mental Health Order - Northern Ireland (1986)

Midwifery Update

Mindfulness, Health & Wellbeing (For NI Hospice Staff only)

Mindfulness, Health & Wellbeing (For Southern Area Hospice Staff only)

Minor Suturing

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing and Awareness of (1/2 Day)

Nasogastric Tube Insertion, Feeding & Medicine Administration

Nephrostomy: Care of patients with Nephrostomy Tubes

Neurological Observations in Adult Patients - Monitoring & Recording

Neutropenic Sepsis Awareness Training (WHSCT)

New to Forensics - Mentee Programme

New to Forensics - Mentor Programme

Newborn Bloodspot Screening

NHSCT Skills Based Programme - Nurses New To The Community

NISAT (1 Day Programme) for SHSCT

Normal Birth Workshop

Nutritional Care

One Stop Dispensing

Oxygen Use in the Adult

Paediatric Minor Injuries

Paediatric Update 2017 (Forest Lodge)

Pain Management

Palliative Care

Perinatal Mental Health 2 Day Programme

Perinatal Mental Health Regional Core Programme

Perineal Repair

Person Centred Practice: An Introduction

Personal safety and complaints management within the workplace for PHN's

Personality Disorders: an introduction

Pharmacology for Mental Health Nurses - An Introduction.

Phlebotomy - Preparation For

Practice Development: Developing Effective Workplace Cultures


Pre-Operative Assessment - An Introduction (4 Day Course)

Professional Development Programme for Registered Staff Nurses and Registered Staff Midwives within SHSCT

Promoting Quality Care

Rashes: Recognition and Management within Paediatrics

Recognition And Management Of The Acutely ill Patient

Record Keeping/Documentation

Recovery - Care of Child in Recovery Department (for WHSCT Theatre Staff only)

Renal Nursing

Report Writing Skills - Safeguarding Children



Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding Adults Mandatory Training (Level 2)

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Induction - Corporate for NHSCT

SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) Communication Tool

School Nurse Update (Belfast Health & Social Care Trust)

Seizure Management in Children

Sepsis Awareness in Children

Sepsis for Community Staff only

Sepsis, News and Trigger Reset Awareness

Skills Refresher for Child Health Care Assistants


Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Stoma - Nursing Care and Management

STORM 3 (Skills Training on Risk Management) Self Harm Mitigation - Self Injury - 1 day

STORM 3 (Skills Training on Risk Management) Self Harm Mitigation - Suicide - 2 day Course

Subcutaneous Fluids - Management of


Syringe Pump (McKinley)

TB Awareness and Administration of BCG Vaccine to Children

Tracheostomy Care

Transfusion/Right Patient Right Blood - Assessor Training

UNOCINI One – How To Make an Effective Assessment and Referral to Social Services


Venepuncture & Intravenous Cannulation Combined in Children & Young People

Venepuncture and Intravenous Cannulation Combined

Venesection – Adult

Verification Of Life Extinct

Vital Signs - Undertaking and Recording

Vital Signs - Undertaking and Recording including Early Warning Observations (NHSCT)

W.R.A.P (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)

Waterbirth Workshop

Wound care/Tissue viability