Pharmacology for Mental Health Conditions



To provide an overview of the pharmacology of medicines associated with a range of mental health conditions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapeutics of medication used in the treatment of mental health conditions.
  • Review the mode of action of the psychiatric medications.
  • Identify side effects/effects of prescribed medication.
  • Describe the role of the nurse in relation to monitoring effects and minimising side effects.


  • Mental Health and Learning Disability Registered Nurses.


Lecture, groupwork, discussion.



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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Label Dates & Times Venue Facilitator Administrator
Mental Health & Learning Disability Registered Nurses Thursday, 28 March, 2019
(9.30 - 4.30 )
CEC - Antrim Janet McCusker
Paul Canning
Heather Brennan
Fully Booked