Emergency Care of a Child (for Adult Nurses working ED departments)



Building on previous knowledge, skill and experience, facilitate practitioners to develop their competence and confidence in delivering safe standards of care to babies, children, young people and their family in the Emergency Department

Learning Outcomes

Explain the role of parents in supporting safe and effective care of their child in the ED department

Discuss legal and professional issues in caring for children, including the principles of good record keeping

Demonstrate comprehensive A-E assessment of babies, children and young people (cognisant of developing physical, social and psychological needs, including children with physical and learning difficulties)

Explain signs of illness and deterioration in a baby, child and young person, undertaking physiological assessments, and recording information accurately and appropriately( to include management of emergencies including DKA, Respiratory Difficulties, Seizure activity, and burns adhering to ED pathways and minor injuries such as fractures, wounds and head injury)

Discuss and demonstrate empathetic communication when breaking bad news and supporting distressed babies, children, young people and  family members

Review the principles of safe administration of medicines to children of all ages, undertaking drug and fluid calculations and including anaphylaxis management

Discuss principles of safeguarding children and appropriate actions when concerned about a child

Discuss approaches to pain assessment and effective management in babies, children and young people with paediatric pain nurse specialist

Describe commonly encountered conditions, presenting symptoms and appropriate signposting/support for young people presenting in ED with mental and emotional unwellness

Demonstrate the principles of comprehensive handover from ED Nurse to ward based nurse

Reflect on personal coping style and resilience building behaviours


Adult nurses working in Emergency Departments within South Eastern Trust area


Lectures, videos, discussion, simulation & case studies.



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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