Resilience & Assertiveness Awareness



To give participants a broad overview of the importance of Resilience & Assertiveness in both their clinical roles and their personal lives

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define both resilience & assertiveness and consider factors which influence these
  • Explore the reasons why we need to be resilient & assertive in todays’ healthcare environments and in our personal lives
  • Discuss what policies/models/frameworks exist to support us develop in these areas  
  • List the characteristics of a resilient & assertive leader and explain why this enhances team development & performance 
  • Complete a self-assessment tool to measure Resilience & Assertiveness levels
  • Participate in a short mindfulness session enabling you to live in the moment and recognise feelings of stress/anxiety
  • Consider own action plan to work on to enhance your development in these areas and ultimately positively influence patient care


Nominated Registered Nursing Staff working in areas supported by the RETAIN project


Presentation, Group work & Facilitation



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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