Vital Signs for GP Nursing Assistants



To facilitate participants to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to safely undertake, record & report ; Pulse, Temperature, Blood Pressure, Respirations, Pulse Oximetry ,urinalysis, BMI and AVPU

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss  the legal and professional issues associated with undertaking vital signs monitoring and observation of the patient
  • Review  the principles of the control of infection in relation to vital signs
  • Consider the physical and psychological comfort of the patient
  • Demonstrate  a basic knowledge of the anatomy / physiology underpinning vital signs
  • Identify the normal / abnormal ranges of vital signs
  • Discuss the procedures for measuring and recording vital signs
  • Be aware of the importance of prompt reporting of vital signs


General Practice Health Care Assistants


Lecture and Discussion



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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Label Dates & Times Venue Facilitator Administrator
Wednesday, 23 January, 2019
(1.30 - 4.30)
CEC - Antrim Evelyn Walton
Nuala McCarron
Erinne Proctor