Vocal Process: Applied Vocal Skills for Improving Vocal Function



  • To understand the anatomy of the larynx relative to Vocal Process approach to vocal function
  • To understand the fundamentals of voice production and how they are linked
  • To learn techniques and exercises to adapt the voice to enable improvement of vocal function

Learning Outcomes

Structures for voice function

  • The general structures of the vocal tract
  • The structural changes that occur depending on use
  • The influence of constriction on the vocal tract structure

The importance of releasing constriction in the larynx

  • Understanding the impact constriction has on the vocal cords
  • Knowing how the structures differ in constriction vs deconstriction
  • Techniques and exercises to increase awareness of constriction
  • Techniques and exercises to release constriction

Laryngeal Postures

  • The anatomy of the larynx
  • How laryngeal position can be manipulated
  • The impact on the voice according to changing laryngeal posture
  • Techniques and exercises to become aware and change laryngeal posture and therefore vocal tone and quality

Breath management and support in voice production and projection

  • Techniques to increase awareness of breath in voice
  • Working with breath in rhythm
  • Addressing airflow and correcting poor airflow in voice production
  • Coordination of breath and tone including glottal and aspirate onsets
  • Exercises and techniques to explore coordination of breath and voice


  • The relevant anatomy in managing resonance including the jaw and the tongue
  • Exercises and techniques to help understand and become aware of resonance

Twang/projected voice

  • Understand the relevance or Twang and its applications
  • Understand the relevant anatomy in Twang
  • Know how to achieve Twang using exercises and techniques




This course is aimed at Speech & Language Therapists who are working in the area of Voice


This is a two-day taught course

Course tutor: Dr Gillyanne Kayes, Singing voice specialist, author and researcher

Co-presenter: Jeremy Fisher, voice educator

Please note, places will not be allocated until after the closing date.  You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email.



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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