Connective Tissue: 'Its role in the management of complaints after Breast Cancer treatment' Level 1



To gain insight into how normal day to day function is changed by interface with the fascial and connective systems and subsequently explore new and integrated strategies as a tool to relieve the post surgical and radiotherapy trauma of breast cancer treatment


Learning Outcomes

  • Achieve a clear understanding of the histology and anatomy of the connective tissue and its role in normal musculoskeletal function
  • Attain knowledge of how this system is damaged during surgery and radiation therapy and ultimately the body’s postural responses to this trauma
  • Achieve a good knowledge of pain patterns associated with the above damage and subsequent repair
  • Gain proficiency in evaluation of the connective tissue/facial system
  • Enable formulation of individualised treatment strategies


Specialist Physiotherapists


3 day course with specialist lecturer

Course Tutor: Willem Fourie

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