Elklan: Total Training Package Speech and Language Support for 0-3s for SLTs working within Surestart Settings



To train Speech & Language Therapists to deliver the accredited course, Speech and Language Support for 0-3s, to practitioners with whom they work

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will know:

  • How to run an accredited Elklan programme
  • How Elklan training operates, the policies and procedures to be followed
  • To learn the content of the training programme and to know how to deliver this to others
  • To know how to act as an assessor on an accredited training programme


Speech & Language Therapists working in a Sure Start setting


  • 2 day Workshop
  • Video observations
  • Practical activities

Course Tutor: Liz Elks, Director Elklan Training

Please note places will not be allocted until after the closing date.  You will be notified of the outcome of your applicaiton via email.

More information on the programme can be found at More information on the course can be found at


Key Areas to be Covered

  • How to run an accredited training programme
  • Explore the content of the training programme, and to learn new ways of explaining strategies and concepts to practitioners
  • Assessment of learner’s work



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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