Supporting Self Management (NHSCT Community Stroke Team)



  • Enable staff to enhance the quality and impact of how they deliver self-management support and practice person centred care (effectiveness)
  • Enable staff to make best use of their time by getting to the heart of what is important to patients and their families/friends quicker (efficiency)
  • Bridges approach is easy to implement and enhances existing practice

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand current policies and research in person centred self-management support and relate it to supporting patients and families with a new onset (acute) or living with long term conditions
  • Appreciate the enablers and barriers to effective person centred self-management support
  • Explain the Bridges self-management principles and how they can be applied to patients and families with a new onset (acute) or living with long term conditions – in any setting (acute, hospital or community)
  • Demonstrate different methods of enhancing self-efficacy in patients and families with a new onset (acute) or living with long term conditions, including greater awareness of the impact of communication styles on developing confidence
  • Understand ways of supporting patients and families, friends and carers in supporting self-management using the Bridges principles
  • Develop strategies to evaluate and sustain the impact of effective person centred self-management support in rehabilitation teams


The training programme is for NHSCT Community Stroke Team


  • Interactive sessions to cover relevant theory, policy and evidence
  • Videos to demonstrate practice examples and increase awareness of the experiences of patients and families
  • Group work to apply theory to case scenarios
  • Workshops comprise 2 stage workshops usually ~3 months apart.
  • Champions receive further dedicated support through additional training – they will be guided to consider sustainability within their teams and methods of evaluation
  • During the intervening months participants are able to apply their learnings in practice will reflect on an individual they have tried the Bridges programme with in their practice. During the intervening period, support is available from the training provider to assist participants with applying theory into practice
  • Training is for up to 25 participants from which a further 5 champions will be supported to sustain the Bridges approach
  • Telephone and email updates and support are provided before, during and after delivery



Key Areas to be Covered

Bridges links theory, research and policy on self-management and supports practitioners to use evidenced based, practical ways to integrate strategies into everyday practice



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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