Casting Course



To develop the necessary knowledge and skills required for safe practice in the application and management of common casts in patients with bony injuries and / or soft tissue trauma.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Discuss Health and Safety in Casting
  • Discuss the professional and legal aspects of care of the patient requiring casting or splinting
  • Describe the structure and function of the musculo-skeletal system including bone healing
  • Identify main nerves and muscle groups in upper and lower limbs
  • Classify fractures and describe mechanism of injury
  • Identify the bones of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm and shoulder
  • Demonstrate the movements of the upper limb
  • Identify the bones of the foot, ankle, lower leg, knee, upper let and hip
  • Demonstrate the movements of the lower limb
  • Correctly position limbs and joints in casts to promote healing and prevent complications

Apply the following casts safely and effectively using various plaster materials (POP and Synthetic where appropriate) under direct supervision from Clinical Teacher:-

  • Below elbow – SA Back slabs, Volar slabs, Scaphoid, Bennetts (inc Bennetts back slabs), Colles, Neutral and metacarpal casts
  • Above elbow – LA back slabs , Smiths and Neutral casts
  • Hanging cast,  U slab, Humeral Brace
  • Below knee- SL, Back slab, SL Cast, POP Equinas cast
  • Above knee – Cylinder Cast, LL Back slab
  • Thomas’s splint (if applicable to your area)
  • Stump Casting/Charcot Foot/contact casting (if applicable to you area)


  • Consider the safety issues in removal of casts using saw, shears, knives and scissors.
  • Describe the potential complications of fractures/casting and the action to be taken if such complications occur
  • Demonstrate ability in instructing patients and carers in all aspects of aftercare following application of a cast


Belfast Trust Applicants (for nominated Belfast Trust Staff only):

Registered Nurses only from:

  • Out Patients Department Musgrave Park Hospital
  • Emergency Department Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Fracture Clinic Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children & Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Theatres Musgrave Park Hospital

Northern & Western Trust Applicants:

Applicable to Registered Nurses only



Lecture, discussion and practical workshop

Important Information

Please Note: Following this 6 day programme the participant must engage with an appropriately skilled practitioner, in his/her clinical area, to further develop a greater knowledge and understanding of this person-centred care activity. This will involve supervised practice of Casting which should be completed within a 3 month period to consolidate learning and application to practice. It is the responsibility of the individual participant to complete this activity and to confirm completion with his/her line manager.



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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Label Dates & Times Venue Facilitator Administrator
3, 4, 11, 12 December 2018, 7 & 8 January 2019
(9.30 - 4.30)
Mid-Ulster Hospital Betty Dolan
Moira McCusker
Glynnis Johnston
Nominated Belfast Trust Staff only 06/02/19, 13/02/19, 27/02/19, 06/03/19, 13/03/19, 20/03/19
(9.15 - 4.30)
Musgrave Park Hospital Anne-Marie Phillips
Debbie Verlaque