Midwifery Update



To examine the principles that underpin tissue repair and enable the practitioner to build upon and integrate existing knowledge and skills in the management of women with a caesarean section wound. To enable midwives to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in the use of customised antenatal growth charts. To explore the processes of risk assessment and risk management within midwifery practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Caesarean Section Wound Management
    • Review the phases of wound healing
    • Discuss the importance of carrying out a holistic assessment to determine wound care objectives and recognise the factors that delay wound healing
    • Discuss the management of an infected wound
    • Be aware of the factors influencing dressing selection in the care of a caesarean section wound
  • Customised Antenatal Growth Charts Workshop
    • Describe the risk factors associated with intrauterine growth restriction and perinatal mortality
    • Outline the principles and use of customised antenatal growth chart
    • Explain method used to assess fundal height measurement and how to record on customised charts
    • Describe method used to generate a customised antenatal growth chart
    • Describe the clinical implications of using customised charts including referral pathways for further investigations
  • Risk Assessment in Midwifery Care
    • Describe the processes involved within risk assessment and risk management in midwifery practice


Registered Midwives


Lecture, discussion and workshop



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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