Wheelchair Training: ADULT INTERMEDIATE LEVEL for Occupational Therapists



To provide Occupational Therapists, who have completed Foundation Level Wheelchair Training (NI), with further knowledge and skills to address the needs of wheelchair users with complex needs

Learning Outcomes

  • To develop knowledge and skills in postural assessment and meeting the seating needs of adults wheelchair users with complex disabilities
  • To understand and apply the principles of pressure care in relation to posture and positioning
  • To gain an overview of the range and clinical applications of wheelchairs available on the regional wheelchair contract
  • To be aware of the range of wheelchairs, and accessories currently available on the regional NHS wheelchair contract
  • To increase awareness of wheelchair configuration and ergonomic principles, identifying their influence on the performance on the wheelchair skills of the user
  • To develop the ability to deliver manual wheelchair skills training
  • To understand the clinical needs which indicate that the client requires tilt-in-space wheelchair seating
  • To understand the clinical needs which indicate that a client requires a powered wheelchair
  • To be aware of the principles involved in providing wheelchair equipment to bariatric clients
  • To gain knowledge of the rationale and pathways to providing specialised custom seating for clients with serve, fixed postural deformities. This includes an understanding of the roles and referral pathways for the Medical Technical Officer (MTO), Bioengineer and Rehabilitation Engineer
  • To gain an awareness of the clinical adaptability of specialist powered wheelchair controls


Specialist Occupational Therapists working with adults who have completed foundation level training or have extensive experience with wheelchair prescription

Participants must have completed Foundation level wheelchair training


A combination of styles will be adopted in the delivery of this 2 day course.  These include lectures, practical sessions, audience participation in product exploration, and involvement from wheelchair Service Users

Course Tutor: Emma Regan BEM, Regional Wheelchair Training OT


Should you have a disability please inform the Regional Wheelchair Training OT, Emma Regan, so that we can make suitable arrangements to support both your participation and your learning.  Your needs will not be disclosed to other participants and we will endeavour to meet them.

Email: emma.regan@belfasttrust.hscni.net       Tel: 028 9504 8137

Places will not be allocated until after the closing date.  You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email.



Key Areas to be Covered

  • Postural assessment of adults with complex disabilities
  • Assessment of the causative factors of skin damage occurring in wheelchair users with complex disabilities
  • The Evaluation of the client’s activity and rest positioning and the implementation of a
  • multi-disciplinary 24 hour postural care strategy to maintain postural symmetry
  • The clinical application of the wheelchair range currently available on the regional NHS contract
  • Introduction to the principles for bariatric wheelchair prescription and an awareness of the products available on the Regional wheelchair contract.
  • The clinical application of tilt-in-space wheelchairs in meeting wheelchair users needs, including customised adjustments, pressure redistribution, positioning requirements and manual handling.
  • The regional criteria for the provision of powered wheelchairs in Northern Ireland.  Regional guidance on the assessment and provision of powered wheelchairs and the assessment pathway.
  • The range of powered wheelchairs, the driving characteristics and functional properties of Front wheel drive (FWD), Rear wheel drive (RWD) and Mid wheel drive (MWD).
  • Powered wheelchair controls. An introduction to specialised wheelchair Controls, customised programming and control mount options.
  • Introduction to ergonomic and manual wheelchair skills for the adult manual user, learning about the influence of wheelchair configurations on the skills performance of the user.



Please note you will be informed in advance if there is a direct cost to you or your organisation for your attendance at this programme.

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